Sunday, May 8, 2016

The hardest time of my life

So, I'm here again to write you about my life and about my thoughts. I started the cosmetology studies last year in January and now, one year later I feel exhausted and empty and full of pain. But somehow I managed to go through the studies that were planned. It was not easy, nor without painful moments or depression. But still I learned a lot. Yet, it would have been perfect if I could have done all the customer service hours that was planned. Those are the hours I still lack from the goal and I'm behind my classmates. 

Why so? 

Well, the short way to explain is that my health has been so poor. Even right now, I am lying in my bed and haven't been up more than 30 minutes today. The only reason is, that I've been having such a crushing pain in my back and leg that walking feels like someone was stabbing you in your lower back and the other leg just doesn't move like you want to. And it doesn't stop there, I feel nausea and my head aches and there are some kind of problems in my sight. At one point I can see clear and suddenly I can't, this keeps happening continuously until it stops and then after some time starts again. Gladly I have my loved pets around me and also sleeping on my legs like Serafina at this very moment. Here is a pic of her. 
Serafina is a petite cat whit a grand personality. 
I adore her. 
She's so clever and knows how to make me walk by her will.. 
well not really, but she does try that.

My pets are the only cure that keeps me really going on. I mean, they keep doing silly things, and watching them play is such an entertainment. I have had many laughs because of my pets and that is a fuel for anyone, laughter.

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