Saturday, February 27, 2016

Excellent sites for Makeup, other Cosmetic and for Bijoux Beauty Organizers

I have some good sites from where it is easy to buy cosmetics but also home decorations as well as some electrical equipment.

This firs one is the kind where you will become as a member after buying the first time. First 30 days are free and after that the membership costs less than 10€. And believe me the cosmetic products from known brands are prized incredibly low. You have to see it to believe it! 

This product is normally 82€. NOW you can have it, with less than 20 euros!

One thing I am going to order from them is Maybelline False Feather Mascara. If it normally costs 20 euros and I can have it paying only 5 euros, I'd be crazy not to buy it. There are also many other products as well, and I can then show you them and show how to use them.

Then another site I recommend you to check out is

There you can find brands that are not sold in Finland, at least not yet. One of these brands is Kim's, Khlóe's and Kourtney's Kardashian Beauty. I was surprized, that their cosmetic products are quite high prized compared to other brands that have even better know products. But maybe that is the reason. I'd love to test their cosmetic too, to know what kind of quality they really are.

Professional Blush Palette less than 20 euros.

One thing every woman or a man, who wears makeup need, is a place where to keep all the makeup and other cosmetics and beauty products like jewlery. So, I started to look for good sites where to buy these acrylic boxes that seems to be Must have -products.

Here is one good site

Bijoux Beauty Box acrylic, only 18,80 euros.

I should buy some of those, but as I am going to Stockholm this spring, I might buy the organizers from there. If not, this is the place I recommend. As you know, Bijoux is a quality brand.

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