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Rituals offers luxury products in areas like beauty, interior decoration and gifts. The philosophy of Rituals is: More pleasure to everyday routine. The store has a unique consept that combines home and interior decoration with cosmetics, gifts, baby products and fragrances.

I can easily say "Who wouldn't want some luxury to her everyday life and routines? I most certainly do. That is why I keep the address safe and saved."

Nordic Feel is The place to buy perfumes and skincare/ hair care products. Nordic Feel has the largest selection of perfumes and fragrances in Finland. They have a wide range of products for both, men and women.

SO, If you are searching for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Cucci, Hugo Boss, Prada and so on...well this is one of the first good sites were you were able to find quality brands and their products with good offers.

ECCO® PARNU the BEST shoe for me, that doesn't make my back worse than it already is.

The most comfortable shoe, expensive but excellent quality, real soft leather and with 10 cm heels. From the official Ecco® online shop you can find comfortable and high quality shoes for your whole family.

The company Makeupmirror has over 25 years experience in designing unique products. We and our partners have long relationships with our suppliers, enabling a secure process and high quality end products.
SMINKSPEGEL.SE (MAKEUPMIRROR.COM) launched in 2013 in Sweden and the response from the industry and private consumer has been fantastic!
In November 2014, we launched MAKEUPMIRROR.COM for the European Market, as well as focusing on product development in the form of new make-up mirrors for bathroom and full body, make-up tables and chairs. "Our mission is to offer a complete solution for a modern make-up area at home."

Claudia Classic White Makeup Mirror 420€

In my opinion "These mirrors and makeup tables are sooo beautiful, cool and good quality furniture that I'm most certainly hoping to get one...or two to my home. And thinking ahead, it would also be perfect to have these mirrors to my beauty and health spa (to be) in the future ."

So, as there is a trend to do this oil pulling, I had to try it myself. Quite soon I realized that was not for me. I just couldn't do it. I got an icky feeling and could not held the coconut oil in. Maybe some day I could try it again but to be honest I wait for something else more interesting and suitable for me and then try that.

The method I used here was steeping but one day I'm going to try the distilling method as well.
While the rose pedals were boiling I came to think that by distilling the impurities wouldn't get to the rosewater as now and that way the water would be more pure than using this method now.
Why I didn't do it in the first place? Well, I couldn't find any rock that I could have been able to use at the bottom of the pot. Got to find one to be able try to distill some rose pedals and maybe some peonies or some sort.
But the distilling method is quite like this: you have a big pot where you put a rock in the middle and pour some water but make sure you won't let the water level go above the surface of the rock. Then you start boiling the water and add the petals when it is boiling. Then pour ice into a mid size cup and put it into the rock. Put a lid on top of the pot BUT before that make sure that the handle on top of the lid has been turned on the bottom side of the lid.
This way, when the lid is on top of the pot, the stub of the screw will direct the distilled water drops right in to the cup. And this way you will have pure rosewater or what ever kind of flower or herb you are boiling.

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