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These red phone booths are a vanishing attraction.
As these days most people have cell phones,
there is less and less need for landline.
These were spotted near the London Supreme Court. 


 My dream to see London came true. I traveled to London with my dear friend. We were on a low budget as we were to see Paris and Edinburgh as well. To mention few of my most wanted destinations and attractions in London, they were (and are still) the red phone booths, Big Ben, Buckingham palace, Hyde Park and the London underground also known as the Tube.

 I have collected here some of the pictures I took during the vacation. London, as a travel destination is a place where you got to have time and money but there are things and places where you can spent time on a low budget as well. Getting to the Underground and to know how to move from one place to the other, takes some time. It is a good thing to get a map of the Underground and take some time to get acquainted with it. You should get the Oyster travel card as it is valid in the London Underground, London Buses, National Rail and many more.
Old-fashioned car, turned into a little
coffee-shop or kiosk. 

Someones artistic statement
of the current situation. 

Making a day trip to the British Museum is a must. It is an interesting way to spent your day, as there is a LOT to explore. You should have some space in your tummy for an afternoon tea and some delicious cheese cake at the Court Restaurant, where you can sense the elegance of the old times being encountered with the clarity of the modern interior design. Was a peaceful place to rest your legs after wandering around the British Museum.
Afternoon tea/coffee
at the Court Restaurant, The British Museum

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