Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pictures from this Springer 2016

Summer is Coming!!
I spent this morning at my close garden. I enjoyed the birds singing, bunnies were jumping here and there and also some squirrels. One of the magnolia trees has already bloomed and the other one is almost starting to open the flowers. My dogs love this garden, they would spent the whole day there if they just could..but because of me they can't.. haha

At the end of this month I am going on a cruise with my aunt. We are heading to Stockholm, Sweden. I can't wait for that. It's been couple of years since I went there..and actually it was with my ex and some of his friends that happened to be on that same cruise..and therefor the romantic couples trip changed in to something totally different and didn't help our relationship at all. So, my advice is: If you go on a holiday with your partner and there happens to come some of your friends too, make sure you spent time without your friends too. Relationships need work.

Here are some of the latest cupcakes I made. Chocklad-Orange with Vanilla-orange topping. Yummy! 

Here is the recepie:


2 eggs
250g melted butter
1 oranges juice
chocklad flour
(chocklad chips)


150g melted butter
floured sugar
vanilla extract
grated orange skin
1 tbs orange juice

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