Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Love you Mum!

11.05.2014 Mother's day went by so fast... My hope of being in good condition of my health stayed just a dream. But, if this year I couldn't give my mom a day off from home duties and such, hopefully next year I can (and earlier if possible).

Never the less, we had a nice light and delicious lunch and later on my aunt and the sister of my mom came for a visit with her cat Puuma (the name  means a cougar in Finnish). The reason for bringing he cat was to get him vaccinated as my dear friend who is a vet came for a home visit. She vaccinated 1 dog and 4 cats. LOL. Yes, we have a bit of a zoo here, but it is fun to watch and actually I have 2 dogs and not just one. Now, you can see why I wanted to give my mom a day off as she has her hands full with the home duties and with my dogs... 

Today I am about to make rosewater from the mother's day roses, which you can see in the picture above. I have never done this before and I know there is several ways to do it. I'm going to try the steeping method. I found the recipe from a site called Natures home spa and there is a lot of interesting and fun recipes for making your own cleansing and purifying products. Check it out the link to the page is here: Natures Home Spa

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