Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Never Stop Dreaming

Okay, a year has gone by since I was able to write here. The struggle with my health issues was a constant battle. But I have been lucky for not having to visit the hospital and my back and leg have finally started to co-operate with me.

Yet, even for the big struggle I have gone through, I was able to fulfill one of my dreams... I was accepted to enter to a college from where I kinda left 9 years ago. Now I'm back and ready to go through what I started many years ago. You must be wondering what college that is so here: College of the Association of Beauty Therapists in Finland - SKY Opisto (  I'll put the contact information to the college and also to the Colleges beauty spa Verso, where you can have fantastic and high class beauty treatments much economical prize than in some other spa/beauty parlor in the city center or else where. Even I should start doing treatment over there later on this year.

Other fantastic thing that came true was the chance to get accepted to a pedagogical cooperative society HyTa (HyTa pedagoginen osuuskunta), where I can easily and safely learn how to be a succesful entrepreneur in the beauty industry and as a beauty therapist.

One other thing that I am hoping to come true is to be accepted to a Phyt's Naturo-Estetic?!?! Diplom education in South France later on this year. I am still hoping for it to true because it would help me to choose wich european cosmetic serie I will take in use in the near future. I actually have now two series from wich to choose from, Yon-Ka and Phyt's. I have already chosen two Finnish series BTB13 and Ekopharma. At the college we use Ekopharma and Yon-Ka...

Any way... this is my first published blog writing since last year... but I promise this will not be the last!! I have way too many cool thing to tell and much more dream to share.


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