Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Past couple days...

 I'm so sorry for not being able to write here. I had an awful migraine for the past couple days and I just couldn't even open my lap top never the less write anything. But I'm back in business now, so to speak.

 Today the sun is shining, which is quite unexpected as today is May day and also called Walpurgis night. Usually this day, when people want to begin the summertime, grill first barbeque ribs outside in their patio, celebrate outside and so on, the weather is cold and rainy. This sunshine is pure bliss for those who want to go and see our beautiful statue of Havis Amanda, situated next to the market square in Helsinki, getting the matriculation cap on at Before this the student association in order will wash the statue and after that they will put the cap on. Putting the cap on is a tradition that has begun since midnight 1909, when the statue was being dressed with the cap without permission. It took till 1951 when the public authority gave in for the people and made the tradition legit. So, as the May day is a day for all "white caps" but most of all it is a peoples day for celebration a national one.

 That's for the history lesson. You should see and/or experiment to know what I am talking about. Unfortunately I am not able to share any picture of this event as I am unable to go to the city center. Why? Maybe I shall tell you all about it a little later, for now I can only say that I am having a bit of a problem with my health... If I am lucky, I can share some pictures of my friends who have gone to see what's happening in the city. :) I'm going to spent some quality time with my best friend who I haven't seen for a while. I made some raspberry-banana pancake...

Brought by my dear friend!
She knows the flowers I love and the perfect colors..
BIG thanx and warm hugs, love ya! 

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